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Back in the 70s when Mexican restaurants were harder to find there was a fast food place called Zantigo (related only in name to a current chain). The food was mostly okay, but one thing I really enjoyed was their cheese enchiladas. When the old chain was bought out by Pepsi and merged into the Taco Bell network Pepsi already owned, I really missed those enchiladas. It turns out they were dead simple to imitate, and frankly a whole batch of them would probably be more than a family would want to finish off. But cutting the recipe down it makes great quesadillas. I often find myself with half an onion left over from making something and this is a good way to use some of it up.

Cheddar Cheese
Monterrey Jack Cheese or Pepper Jack Cheese
onion, vidalia onion if you already have some.
one small can of red enchilada sauce (I use Old El Paso)
one package of soft corn tortillas (substitute wheat tortillas if you prefer)
optional: one small can of refried beans or bean dip.

The proportions are necessarily vague. If you want to use larger tortillas for a bigger quesadilla you'll use more of the filling.

For Mini-quesadillas I use 12.5 cm (about 5.5 inch) tortillas. I can get nice soft tortillas here. If your tortillas won't bend in half without tearing, preheat them for a few seconds in the microwave. Chop onion to make about 1/4 cup worth. Grate the cheeses as needed into separate piles in a bowl or dish. Place a tortilla on a paper towel big enough to cover the bottom. Sprinkle a small amount (1/2 to 1 tsp) of onion in a thin line across the middle of the tortilla. Put about a tsp of each kind of cheese on top of the onion. If you want it put a small dab (a heaping 1/2 tsp) of refried beans or bean dip in the center. Dribble a small amount (a 1/2 tsp or less) of enchilada sauce on the other filling. Fold the tortilla over. The filling should make a nice mound but not reach any of the edges. Put the paper towel with the folded quesadilla in the microwave. The ideal time will depend on your microwave and may take some experimenting. 15 seconds is a good staring point. The goal is to get the cheese melted, but not running everywhere. Carefully remove it paper towel and all. Remove the quesadilla onto a plate. Waiting a few seconds is probably a good idea, but I usually eat mine immediately. There is some mess especially if like me you don't wait. So be sure to eat over the plate! You can make them as fast as they come out of the microwave. Grate more cheese as necessary. With this amount of onion you can make about 6 mini-quesadillas which should be enough for lunch for 2.

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Great recipe! Thanks.



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